I got to a point in my life at age 47 where I didn’t think life was worth the effort any more. I had spent my life pleasing the people around me from parents, friends, patients, sons and a husband. I finally plucked up my last ounce of courage to leave my husband (not a kind man), drove my second son to Uni and started my new life. I was euphoric for about 2 months and then the demons came calling. “I couldn’t even make my marriage work, why couldn’t he love me, I must be unlovable, where did my ambition go, who am I without my family to look after”, the feelings of shame and worthlessness were too much to bear. I went out, partied, got into unsafe situations in an attempt to numb the pain, it didn’t work just made me feel worse. Suicide seemed my only option. In desperation I googled councillors and Sam’s website jumped out at me. My first appointment I was a nervous wreck, stiff upper lip was my motto and delving into the past scared me witless. Despite these feeling’s Sam managed to put me at ease, I never ever felt judged just heard, understood and recognised as a person deserving of all the world has to offer. My journey with Sam lasted 2 years, I was encouraged to “do the work” after sessions, I pondered, questioned, allowed feelings (easier said than done) and wrote reams. During this time, Sam gently guided me towards identifying feelings, owning them, allowing them and then figuring out why I might be feeling them. I learnt to connect with the “little” me who needed to be heard, needed a lot of love, re-connection and healing to make me whole. This wasn’t a quick fix, there were many days where the mile home drive seemed impossible, I was so fraught with what I’d discovered in a session, through the good, the bad and the ugly, all of it was and 4 years later still is worth it. I am eternally grateful for Sam’s wisdom, skills, knowledge and professionalism, I couldn’t have continued my journey as I am without her.